Design4justice: the winner!

With so many strong entries, the jury´s task was not easy. After shortlisting 10 entries (see our previous post here) from over 60 submissions the real hard work started. So what exactly were the jury looking for?

We were looking for an image that looked professional and stylish, that had a distinctive look and feel to it, that was eye catching and engaged the viewer. An image that could carry the message of the campaign against the government’s proposals to change legal aid, and help us reach out to new audiences who are not aware of or who not fully understand the implications of the cuts. An image that could cut through the complexity of the proposals themselves and communicate clearly and effectively what is wrong with them, what effect they will have, and why we need to challenge them. One of the reasons the jury’s task was so hard is that the proposals will affect our justice system and society in so many different ways: by excluding people from access to justice, by making people less equal before the law, by undermining the quality of our justice system as a whole, by creating a risk of miscarriages of justice, and by making the state more powerful than its citizens.

Here’s the winner chosen by the jury:

Photography by IndyEnigma
Photography by IndyEnigma

The jury liked the powerful simplicity of the image and the clarity with which it communicated its message. As a result of the proposals to change legal aid justice will simply be out of reach for many people.

Read more about who will be affected and how under What’s Happening?



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