Postcards for Justice


Following on from the design4justice competition, we have printed 10,000 copies of the winning postcard and we need your help to get as many people as possible to sign them and return them to us by 15th November 2013. We will then deliver them to Nick Clegg  in eye catching media ‘stunt’.

 Justice Ambassadors

We are recruiting ‘ambassadors’ to encourage groups of people to sign the postcards and send them back to us. It will be important that we engage with as many different and broadly representative groups as possible. Mr Clegg is aware that lawyers are very concerned about the proposed cuts to legal aid. But it might surprise him to learn that say higher education students in Sheffield, nurses in Birmingham, teachers in Cardiff etc. are also very concerned.

 Legal Aid Needs You!

If you think you can reach groups of people who would be willing to take up this cause, please join us and become a SAVE JUSTICE AMBASSADOR. We will send you an ‘ambassadors’ pack with the post-cards and further details. We will pay for all postage too – so  it will be really easy. We would also encourage people to email and/or tweet pictures of them and their groups signing the postcards which we will re-tweet and post on our website.

For now, all you have to do now is tell us your details (including a contact number), and what kind of people/group you think you might be able to get to sign the postcards. Do email us with any questions you may have


10 thoughts on “Postcards for Justice

  1. We are only a small group of people in North Wales who have been falsely accused, (or are related to some-one who has been in that position), but I am sure that our members will be pleased to sign postcards to be delivered to Nick Clegg.
    Bob Douthwaite.
    Hon Secretary.
    F.A.C.T. North Wales

  2. Why are they being delivered to Nick Clegg? What about the Secretary of State for Justice, who is actually responsible for the proposals!!

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