Postcards For Justice: more campaign news

200 Ambassadors and counting…

To date, the response to our call for Justice Ambassadors has been incredible. Over 200 people have got in touch, asking to become involved in the campaign. We’ve sent packs of postcards to them across the UK, from Scotland to Devon, from Wales to the Channel Islands. Justice Ambassadors are now at work in Northampton, Stafford, Bristol, Blackburn, Oxford, Llangollen, York, Folkestone and many, many more towns and cities talking to colleagues, neighbours, family members, friends and strangers in the street about the brutal cuts to the legal aid system and the changes to judicial review that this government is planning to introduce from the end of this year.

In fact the response has been so positive that we ran out of postcards, and ordered more. We now have plenty for everyone so do get in touch with us if you would like to be a part of this campaign to defend access to justice for all!

Noam Chomsky

The furthest we have dispatched some Postcards for Justice to is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where Noam Chomsky is Professor of Linguistics. Here he is signing his card.

Noam Chomsky signing
Noam Chomsky signing

Emma Thompson

As well as being an award winning actress and screenplay writer, Emma Thompson is also President of the Helen Bamber Foundation, a London based human rights charity that provides therapeutic care, medical consultation, legal and practical support to survivors of human rights violations. She signed a postcard at the launch of the Helen Bamber Foundation’s new office in London a few weeks ago.

Emma Thompson signing
Emma Thompson signing

You can see read more about the invaluable work of the Helen Bamber Foundation and see more photos of their senior staff signing postcards on their website here.  

Join us as an Ambassador if you care about justice

We have thousands more postcards just waiting to be posted out to new Ambassadors. Join us if you believe that all prisoners – not just those who can afford to pay a private lawyer – should be able to access independent legal advice  and representation if they are being mistreated in prison, or if they are being  separated from their child as a result of being denied a place in a mother and baby unit, or if they are being segregated when they shouldn’t be, for example because they have mental health problems.

Join us if you feel it is wrong that a migrant who is abused by detention centre staff while they are held in immigration detention by the state has no way of obtaining redress and compensation for the abuse they have suffered, only because they have no legal status in the UK, even if that is because they have been trafficked here against their will.

Join us if you think it is wrong that a mother of a young British child should be refused emergency accommodation by the Local Authority when she has become homeless as a result of suffering domestic violence, just because she does not currently have a visa, because she sent her application to the Home Office late, because of the trauma of suffering domestic abuse.

We could go on; these are just a few examples of the impact the proposals will have on vulnerable people. If you care about justice, about ordinary people being able to access independent courts and hold the state to account, please email us at We are asking all Ambassadors to send us their signed postcards by 15th November 2013 so there’s no time to waste!


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