Dear Mr Clegg, you’ve got mail!

This morning  we delivered around 3,000 postcards to Nick Clegg at Lib Dem HQ. Each contains a personal message to the Deputy Prime Minister, expressing concern about the government’s proposed changes to legal aid and judicial review. Each postcard calls on Nick Clegg to take a stand to defend access to justice.

Group photo 2

The postcards are signed by concerned citizens from all walks of life, and from every corner of the United Kingdom: pensioners, sixth formers, school children, GPs and other NHS health professionals, university students from Oxford, Lancaster, York, Bristol, London, and many, many universities up and down the country, Rabbis and members of liberal Jewish groups, Reverends, Quakers, members of choirs, amateur dramatics groups, book clubs, netball teams, film producers, designers, professional musicians, charity workers, social workers, youth workers, engineers. Here is a map showing where the postcards have been sent from.

Group photo 1

Nick Clegg’s party members, his constituents, several MPs, and several notable public figures including Baroness Lawrence, Emma Thompson, Ken Loach, Noam Chomsky have also signed cards.

This campaign was launched only a few weeks ago. The response in such a short time has been impressive. Thanks to volunteer Justice Ambassadors word has spread across the UK about the damage that the proposed changes will do to the British justice system and the fabric of our society. For many, legal aid makes the difference between homelessness and a roof over their head, between abuse or exploitation and safety, between being wrongly separated from their family and having a family, between having the support they need to have a fair start in life, and being denied that support and the opportunity for equality it brings, between poverty, desperation, and hope.

The message to Nick Clegg is clear: it is time he stood up to defend access to justice for everyone.



Boxes of postcards1




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