Nick Clegg’s response to 3,000 Postcards for Justice

A long awaited reply

On 28th November 2013 Save Justice delivered 3,000 postcards to the Liberal Democrats Headquarters, as part of the “Postcards for Justice” campaign. Each postcard contained a personal message to Nick Clegg, as Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats, urging him to take a stand against the Government’s proposals to cut criminal and civil legal aid and to restrict access to judicial review.

The postcards were signed by leading public figures and celebrities including Baroness Doreen Lawrence, Emma Thompson, Bianca Jagger, Noam Chomsky, Peter Tatchell, Skin, and Michael Mansfield QC. They were signed by thousands of people from all across the United Kingdom,  and from all walks of life, who share a concern that the proposed changes to legal aid and judicial review will create profound injustices in our legal system and society, giving rise to risks of miscarriages of justice, and preventing vulnerable people from challenging unlawful decisions of the state.

After several months of silence, Nick Clegg has finally responded to the concerns of so many. Here is a copy of the Letter from Nick Clegg received by Save Justice last week.



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