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Postcards for Justice


Following on from the design4justice competition, we have printed 10,000 copies of the winning postcard and we need your help to get as many people as possible to sign them and return them to us by 15th November 2013. We will then deliver them to Nick Clegg  in eye catching media ‘stunt’.

 Justice Ambassadors

We are recruiting ‘ambassadors’ to encourage groups of people to sign the postcards and send them back to us. It will be important that we engage with as many different and broadly representative groups as possible. Mr Clegg is aware that lawyers are very concerned about the proposed cuts to legal aid. But it might surprise him to learn that say higher education students in Sheffield, nurses in Birmingham, teachers in Cardiff etc. are also very concerned.

 Legal Aid Needs You!

If you think you can reach groups of people who would be willing to take up this cause, please join us and become a SAVE JUSTICE AMBASSADOR. We will send you an ‘ambassadors’ pack with the post-cards and further details. We will pay for all postage too – so  it will be really easy. We would also encourage people to email and/or tweet pictures of them and their groups signing the postcards which we will re-tweet and post on our website.

For now, all you have to do now is tell us your details (including a contact number), and what kind of people/group you think you might be able to get to sign the postcards. Do email us with any questions you may have

Calling for submissions

Design4Justice: The Brief

NOTE: Deadline extended to 26 August 2013

We’re extending the deadline for submissions to 4pm on Monday 26th August 2013 to allow for those who need a bit more time to get creative. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 27th August 2013 – watch this space!

Create a postcard design (front only) to support the Save Justice campaign against the government’s proposals for cuts to legal aid.

The aim is to raise awareness about the cuts in new audiences by means of a postcard which will be made available for posting to the deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

The design can be photography, illustration or words that evoke one of the ideas of

–       justice being denied to people, or

–       a vulnerable individual in contrast to a powerful state, or

–       lack of equality before the law (i.e. one law for the rich, one law for the poor).

Some initial ideas could be: shadow (the ordinary person in the shadow of the powerful state); a see-saw (reflecting the imbalance of power between whoever is on each end); a spider’s web (with an ordinary person caught in it and unable to move); a person gagged or somehow otherwise unable to speak or express themselves. These are just examples and are by no means prescriptive.

Justice and Equality are quite abstract concepts, which people may not readily relate to. We are looking for a striking image that will bring home to people the importance of being able to defend and protect their individual rights.


The government has proposed significant changes to the way legal aid will work in the future, meaning:

– the quality of legal aid criminal defence work is likely to decrease dramatically and many legal aid criminal firms are likely to close

– legal aid will no longer be available for many people to challenge decisions made about them by local authorities, hospitals, the Home Office, etc

–  legal aid will no longer be available for people who are not lawfully in the UK and haven’t lived here lawfully for at least a year

– many prisoners will no longer be able to access legal aid to challenge decisions about their time in prison, including whether a mother should be able to care for a new baby in prison

– most migrants in indefinite immigration detention will not be able to access legal aid to help them secure their release

Although the Government proposals have been covered in all major newspapers and on TV, the current engagement is mainly from the legal profession. Other people affected are not aware of the changes and the government therefore sees it as an easy win.

Our next steps

We need to raise more awareness across various groups of the population and also push the LibDem leaders to stand up for the values of their party within the coalition Government.

To achieve this we will print 5000-10000 postcards, contact various groups across the country (e.g. from mums to students, from farmers in Cornwall to pharmacists in Cambridge, from bankers in the city to kebab sellers in the east end) and collect 25-50 signed postcards per group.

These will then be delivered to Nick Clegg by Save Justice to show the interest and participation of different groups and put pressure on him to stand up for the values of  equality, social justice, and dignity, and freedom that his party is founded on.


To submit your work for the competition, please tweet the link to @savejusticeuk with #design4justice or email us at before 1pm Wednesday 21 August.

We will announce the jury made of up creative directors and legal professionals shortly. They will select the winning entry.

We will announce the winner by Thursday 22 August and contact them directly.

 What’s in it for you?

The postcard with your work, name and portfolio link will be printed and spread across the country and shown to various groups across England and Wales. All submissions will also be presented across all our social channels (facebook, twitter, website).

The design will be central to our campaign, which we will promote on local and national media. In whichever format used, we will always connect it to the artist’s name and portfolio.

Deadline extended to 26 August 2013

We’re extending the deadline for submissions to 4pm on Monday 26th August 2013 to allow for those who need a bit more time to get creative. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 27th August 2013 – watch this space!

Let’s get everyone on board!

After the success of the demonstration outside the Ministry of Justice last week, we are now launching into a mass operation of Flyer Distribution, to try to help raise awareness amongst the general public about the government’s proposals to “transform” legal aid and the impact these changes will have on people who have to rely on legal aid to enforce their rights, because they cannot afford to pay a lawyer privately.

Mass support

Hopefully handing out flyers will help raise awareness among people who have not heard about the changes, encourage them to sign the e petition, and spread the word further. We  want to show Mr Grayling that the country is against his proposals!

Please feel free to download the flyer and hand it out to friends, colleagues, leave some in your favourite cafe, local library, GP waiting room, in the commuter paper you leave on a train and anywhere else you can think of!

Flyer for general public